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Reality TV
& DocuFilms

There are many products we offer, one of which has had major success and that is reality web-series/docufilms. Let us help you market your company in a way where you will gain not just customers, but a loyal and excited fan base.


Your audience wants excitement! Make their tired eyes open wide with captivating visual moments and dramatic scenes that grab your audience’s attention — and keep it.

Brand Identity

Probably Not. You see, your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers. It is made up of the collective experiences they have had with your organization.

Direct Social Media
& Email Marketing

At LaVoie Entertainment, we recognize that your digital marketing needs are constantly evolving in response to your unique business goals and objectives.

Original Social
Media Content.

At LaVoie Entertainment, we believe the best marketing tool is the one that cuts through the noise of your competitors. Users and Potential Users of your product are inundated with too much advertising noise.


On any given day, we get calls from people or companies armed with ideas and Capitol to add value to their brand message.


At LaVoie Entertainment, we believe the best marketing tool is the one that cuts through the noise of your competitors. Users and Potential Users of your product are inundated with too much advertising noise. And in some countries, it’s no longer legal to have obnoxious billboards lining the streets as they once did – Advertisement pollution – it’s exhausting. So for us, if we’re going to do it, we are going to do it right, in a straight line, right to everyone’s heart through the love of entertainment.

What do we know? We all know that interesting content is a top reason why people follow brands on social media. And how we do business has been revolutionized forever by social media. So, why not connect the dots between two loves? Our goal is to do just that, create interesting content around your company brand and lead consumers right to your landing page.

You can count on the well-known fact that “typical” marketing spend often creates un- wanted tension and seldom produces the results you want. By doing business with us, your marketing dollars will invest in an entire team of professionals who span multiple specialty industries – a team of people who will work with you for an entire year creating original and branded content, execute online marketing, email advertising, social media advertising, and the creation of the most popular online media: video. Make the most noise with your marketing spend, giving you an ultimate and unique bang for your buck. Why blow your budget on a tired campaign that doesn’t produce results that make sense?

When you partner with LaVoie Entertainment, you have partnered with the best, a team of people who will help you cut through the noise.




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Lauryn Bocook


Connecting with companies and artists.  Giving them the opportunity to elevate their online identity.

Chris Lavoie


A true visionary in guiding companies achieve a level of success that inspires them.

Mory Lavoie


Producer & Production Line Manager.


“It was an experience of a lifetime!”

Pola LoBello, Team Lead Talent Acquisition, SAP

“Filming with Chris LaVoie really is something else.  It’s professional and it’s awe inspiring”

Keith Potts, Founder & Chairman, Evenbase

“Chris LaVoie has a penchant for detail while making you feel like you’re the only one he has to work with.”

Scot Sessions, Director of Marketing, HireVue

“The entire process was organized and professional. I wish all my marketing initiatives were so well executed.”

Rayanne Thorn, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Technomedia

“Their professionalism and ability to take an idea and bring it to fruition at the level that they have is definitely inspiring.”

Jaclyn Branch, Director of Marketing, SilkRoad

“If you’re a talented professionals within Talent Acquisition then I’d recommend getting connected to this movement that is Top Recruiter!”

Jeremy Langhans, Global Talent Attraction, Expedia

LaVoie Entertainment in Action

Read about recruitment & marketing leaders who use LaVoie Entertainment.

Rayanne Thorn

VP, Product Marketing & Strategy at Technomedia

Scott Sessions

Director of Marketing at HireVue

Keith Potts

Chairman of Evenbase

Jaclyn Branch

Director of Marketing at SilkRoad

Alex King

Director of Recruiting at Integrate

Pola Lobello

Team Lead Recruiter at SAP

Yvonne Wu

Corporate Recruiter at Absolute

Esranur Kaygin

Founder at Recruit4U


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